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Re-leveling & Advance Open Door board


    This product SJT-ZPC-V2A(VM1) met EN81-20/50 electric component safety circuit regulation. Re-leveling & Advance Open Door function can be achieved by detecting Up & Down re-leveling zone signals at effective area (Unlocking zone), and cooperating with speed detection of elevator main board to short door circuit.

safety control switche

     Unintended Car Movement Protection Function: SJT-ZPC-V2A(VM1) can detect if unintended car movement is out of safety zone by testing if up and down re-leveling zone signals are effective (Unlocking zone). SJT-ZPC-V2A(VM1) safety board cannot detect the status of hall door and car door. The status of hall door and car door will be detected by door circuit, which is composed of safety control switches and parallel connected to safety circuit for output. When car move out of unlocking zone with door circuit opened, it will output to cut off main brake of traction machine & additional brake & electric rope gripper & rail clamping & electric overspeed governor & duplex safety gear & etc to stop car and hold it still. This met requirement of unintended car movement detection safety elevator rescue device in EN81-20/50.

elevator rescue device

Please see the attachment for more details

SJT-ZPC-V2A(VM1) Safety Board User's Manual V1.0.pdf

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