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Bluelight Digital Operator keypad


LCD digital operator OP-V6 is a tool for commissioning and maintenance of control system. It provides a nice and easy human-machine interface with both Chinese and English on display.

igital Operator

The digital operator OP-V6 has the main LCD screen with resolution of 128×64 LCD, 5 LED and 11 function buttons. Refer to Figure 1 for detail.

control system

Controller enters the main interface after power on. The main interface is shown in Figure 2.

The main interface displays the main information of the elevator in present status, including floor number, elevator speed, running direction, door lock status, running mode, fault code and else. On the main interface, the above information is live updated.

The function of digital operator is as follows:

1. LCD display with English and Chinese

2. Setting log in level and corresponded password.

3. Adjusting the settings of quick menu

4. Monitor the status of the elevator and the controller.

5. Parameter check, setting and save.

6. Hoistway learning

7. Motor parameter learning

8. Weighing data learning

9. System clock setting

10. Error history log record and check.

11. Parameter copy, upload and download.

12. Restore to factory setting.

More details please check the link in the attachment.

OP-V6 Series Digital Operator User Manual V1.1.pdf

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